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Anthropology of displacement in the Arab society in Israel

Sakhnin Academic College

Course Designer & Lecturer:  Dr. Ramez Eid

Course Description:

The course aims to present students with several important social, historical and economic aspects of the Arab society in Israel. The course discusses the development of these trends since the beginning of the 20th century, and their impact on the shaping of the social and civil identity of Arab society in Israel, with reference to issues such as status and rights, gender issues, displacement and migration, social movements etc. The course attempts to describe to the students the Arabs in Israel as a community, while presenting the dimensions that this community defines itself, and the various challenges facing its members in the 21st century.

On the theoretical level, it offers to understand and evaluate key social concepts about migration, such as displacement and borders, and develop a sensitivity toward the beliefs and values of others, so that we may fully comprehend the complex social and historical constructs, in order to promote peaceful coexistence.

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