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National Meetings
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Ben Gurion University of the Negev -   Beer Sheva

9 November 2017

  • The vision of the project

  • Presentation of Work Packages 1-8 and timetable

  • Presentation of report forms and procedures  

  • Work in small groups to get to know each other and connect to personal migration\refugee experiences


Gordon Academic College - Haifa

12 April 2018

  • Report on DEMO progress

  • Work in small groups on courses

  • Preventive monitoring – Erasmus+ National Office

  • Bologna workshop.  


Bezalel Academy of Art and Design - Tel Aviv

7 July 2018

  • Presentations of courses:

    • Multicultural Identity and Education – Yaser (SAKH)

    • Multicultural dialogue via Media – Evanna (GACE)

    • Immigrants' narratives – Yochay (HUJI)

  • Meetings of Heads of DEMO in Israel


Ruppin Academic Center - Netania

13 December 2018

Update on courses opened October 2018 (BGU)

  • Presentation of courses:

       Evanna (GACE)

       Eytan (BEZ)

Update on Quality Assurance (RAC):

  • Summary of internal evaluation

  • Preview of external evaluation

Dissemination plans (HUJI)

Meeting of Heads of DEMO in Israel


Bezalel Academy of Art and Design - Jerusalem

14 February 2019

  • Presentation of Community projects in Bezalel

  • Update on the progress of DEMO and future aims (BGU)

  • The intermediate report to EACEA

  • Demonstration of Graphic Facilitation Toolbox (GACE)

  • Reflections on completed DEMO courses

  • Meeting of Heads of DEMO in institution


Sakhnin Academic College for Teacher Edu

20 February 2020

Presentation of DEMO in Sakhnin Academic College: 

  • Rawia – Teaching through children books 

  • Amal and students – Interviews with displaced persons 


Launching DEMO dissemination campaign: 

  • Defining dissemination: What? To Whom? How? – Julia 

  • DEMO website update: Davida

  • DEMO Image video:  Eytan & Rutie 

  • Dissemination plan by HUJI, Yan & Hanna  

  • Conference

  • Ongoing dissemination activities  


Quality Assessment, Ruppin: 

  • Assessment report of initial stages of dissemination – Anat 

  • Preview of external evaluation of the whole project – Barbara  

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