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Context informed treatment of immigrants and asylum seekers

Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Course Designer & Lecturer: Dr. Naomi Shmuel

Course Description:

The course uses innovative teaching methods to address potentially volatile issues relating to personal and group identity, a sense of belonging, the meaning of ‘home’, social and political topics especially relating to prejudices, minorities, immigrants and asylum seekers. These issues often arouse deep emotions and are potentially explosive in the classroom. And yet students training to work directly with people, such as teachers, educational advisors, psychologists, social and community workers and others can benefit from confronting and reflecting upon their attitudes and feelings on such issues as part of their professional training in order to function effectively in a multicultural society. The methods used include a workshop with children’s books, photos and films, simulations, personal reflection, group and class discussions.

For more information: Dr. Naomi Shmuel –

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