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Migration over time: Life stories of immigrants from different generations

Ruppin Academic Center

Course Designer & Lecturer:  Dr. Pnina Dolberg

Course Description:

The course emphasizes the way that time and timing in life are associated with social, cultural and mental aspects in migrants' lives. The life-span perspective and its relation to migration studies will be introduced. The course discusses social, cultural and mental processes that immigrants go through during the years after migration. It addresses the life-phases at the time of migration (childhood, youth, emerging adulthood, early adulthood, middle age, older age) and their association with social integration over the years. It also regards the different generations of immigrants (zero-generation, first-generation, 1.5 generation, 2nd generation, 2.5 generation, 3rd generation) and how social integration, the meaning of the culture of origin and of the ethnic group differ in each generation. We also discuss immigrants' identity and relationships between different waves of migration (veteran immigrants and newcomers). The students interview immigrants (from different generations) and present their narratives and perspectives, alongside with their own reflections in a creative way (for example, a short video).

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