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The Narrative Study of Immigrants’ and Asylum Seekers’ Lives

Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Course Designer & Lecturer:  Dr. Yochay Nadan and Lior Birger, MSW

Course Description:

The course focuses on narratives of immigrants’ and forced migrants’ lives. Our life story is shaped by the experiences and memories we collect throughout our lifetime. It reflects our personal, family and collective identity, as well as constructs our identity. This course will deal with the exploration of migrants' life stories, as well as the application of these theoretical ideas into narrative social work practice. The course aims at exposing students to the narrative worldview and its central concepts; enable data collection and analysis of immigrants' and forced migrants' life stories; experience the use of life stories as a way to understand personal, interpersonal, family, community and social issues; and allow for the exploration of therapeutic practices stemming from this approach.

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