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Sakhnin Academic College for Teacher Education

Sakhnin Academic College, due to its location in the center of Galilee, provides diverse study opportunities for Arab students and especially for women. It aims to fulfil a range of vital needs of the Arab population in the Galilee as more than half of the Arabic speakers in Israel live this region.
It trains Arabic-speaking educators, teachers and kindergarten teachers and grants them a B.Ed., M.Teach and M.Ed. degrees in Education and\or a teaching certificate. Training is offered in areas in which there is special lack of Arab speaking teachers: Mathematics and English for junior high schools; Computer sciences; Special education and early childhood educators. Students study in one of the following tracks or areas of specialization: Early Education; Special Education; Junior High School; Elementary Schools; Master's degree in: management and organization of education systems, educational consulting, school-based Evaluation and Learning disabilities. About 3300 students on average are enrolled in the college every year.

The college espouses a strong belief in Jewish-Arab partnership and employs both Jewish (almost 40%) and Arab teachers. The college seeks to prepare its graduates to become educators who respect, value and nurture cultural, linguistic and traditional values of the Arab community.


Dr. Yaser Awad

Yaser Awad is the head of DEMO in Sakhnin College. He is the Vice-President for Research, Planning and Strategy, the Head of the Advanced Studies Unit, Director of the Professional Development Center, Director of a Pre-preparatory Academic Program and a coordinator of the School-based Evaluation M.Ed. program at the Sakhnin College. He holds a Ph.D. degree from Haifa University in Actuarial Science. Yaser teaches courses on scientific thinking and scientific investigation tools in the classroom and in educational frameworks. Yaser was the initiator and now supervises the Simulation Center, the Social Involvement Center and the Social innovation Center at Sakhnin College. He is an active partner in TEMPUS IV and Erasmus+ programs and  the representative of the college in other international projects.

Lina Bulos.jpg

Dr. Lina Boulos

Lina Boulos is the head to the Excellent Students' Program, the head of the External Affairs Unit, and a member of the board of the Social Involvement Center. She is also a lecturer and pedagogical supervisor at Sakhnin College for Teacher Education. She has her Ph.D. degree from Tel Aviv University in Social Cognition. Her primary research areas deal with the development of Theory of Mind of children and adults' understanding of this theory. Lina conducts research in teaching dynamic courses for students as a tool for promoting both their evaluation and instruction at schools. She is a member in EU CURE project on Active Citizenship and EU ASSET project for assessment in digital teaching environment.

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Dr. Rawia Hayik

Rawia Hayik is a Lecturer and pedagogical adviser at the English Department.  She is a recent Ph.D. graduate from the Literacy, Culture, and Language Education Department at Indiana University, US. Her Ph.D. research focused on using children’s literature on gender, religious diversity, and minority issues with Israeli-Arab students as a springboard for critical reader responses. Her post-doctoral research explored the use of participatory documentary photography with college students to address social justice issues and problems in the linguistic landscape in the Galilee area.

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Dr. Ramez Eid

Ramez Eid teaches at the Departments of Education and of Sociology, His courses are: "The sociology of education", Cultural identity in the Arab society in Israel” and "Scientific writing”. Since finishing his Ph.D. in Social Anthropology at the University of Bern, Switzerland, he has been involved in different cultural research projects in the Galilee and across the Mediterranean. He believed that Identity and issues of migration and displacement are an integral part on the history of the Arab society in Israel.

Dr.Amal Taha-Fahoum.JPG

Dr. Amal Taha-Fahoum

Dr. Amal Taha-Fahoum got her Ph.D. from Bar Ilan University, after obtaining a BSW from Hebrew University and a master's degree from the University of Haifa, where she focused on how Muslim men and women cope with divorce. She is a dean of students, Director of Social Involvement and Community Outreach Initiatives, and lecturer at Sakhnin Academic College for Teacher Education in Sakhnin. Her teaching interests include violence in early childhood, parenting preschoolers, group facilitation, interpersonal communication, and adolescence development. In addition to her academic work, Amal is a certified family and couple’s therapist, A Member of the Association of Social Workers, and A Member of the Israel Association for Couples and Family Therapy. She is also involved in a number of social initiatives regarding future leadership and social cohesion.

Dr. Sehrab Masri.JPG

Dr. Sehrab Masri

Dr. Sehrab Masri has Ph.D. in educational consultant from Haifa University. She is a lecturer and facilitator in the Practicum in the Graduate Educational Counseling Program at Sakhnin College for teacher education. She is a cognitive and behavioral therapist, educational counselor and a member of the Educational Counselors Association. She guides supervisors, principals and teachers in the field of inclusion, emotional intelligence, early childhood social and emotional skills, stress and emergency situations, sexual education, pluralism and more. Most of her research focuses on mental and family health, parenting patterns, degree of dependence and mental health among Bedouin adolescents in the Negev compared to adolescents in the North, also in the areas of empathy, mental resilience, and intergroup relationships, the development of professional identity in educational counseling and social education. She Developed an innovative experimental model for increasing mental resilience and realizing cognitive potentials in students.

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