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Cultural sensitivity and context awareness in social work practice

Ben Gurion University of Negev

Course Designer & Lecturer:  Gitit Broid, MSW

Course Description:

The course deals with the study of life stories of immigrants. It provides an understanding of the relations between personal identities and the interpersonal as well as cultural context in immigration. The course focuses on issues arising from the encounter with immigrants' life stories and the application of learning from this encounter to social work practice. During the course, the students conduct narrative interviews with immigrants to collect their life stories. Emphasis is placed on the meaning of a life story and its cultural context, as experienced by the interviewer and the interviewee, and the different identities that each of them brings to this interview. The concepts of cultural sensitivity, cultural competence and context-aware interventions are discussed, as well as their application in the field of social work. The course is based on experiential, reflective and introspective learning, integrated with theoretical conceptualizations of immigration and multiculturalism, and with social work practice.

For more information:  Gitit Broid:
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